Our Expertise

Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea where to begin, start by giving us a call. We do it all. Displaycraft engineers every aspect of permanent display and fixtures creation with worry-free, full service capabilities, regardless of project scale. Should you need quantities of 10 or 10,000, our expertise extends from trend-setting, custom design to cutting edge manufacturing to seamless logistics and fulfillment. If it can hold your product, support your product or promote your product, we can build it. Unlike many competitors, we won't be limited to either woodwork or metalwork. We can build it using wood, metal, wire, plastic, you name it, incorporating the latest advances in materials and fabrication technology. From there, we'll orchestrate graphics and signage and get it to where it needs to be when you need it, all at a competitive price. That's our commitment to you.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service, so should you need guidance along the way, we're experienced at walking clients through the entire process, from cocktail napkin doodle to delivery. You will have a dedicated project management team to shepherd you. Feel free to contact anyone on the team to answer a question or solve an issue at any stage.


 Above all, we listen.

We cannot stress the importance of that enough. Listening carefully to you is crucial to ensuring that our design meets all of your strategic objectives. Being conscientious listeners has proven time and again to set Displaycraft apart in the industry and to be a key factor in the repeat business that continues to come our way.

Our design team's remarkable creations are another major differentiator. Their creativity is only matched by their extensive engineering background acquired at Georgia Tech and Auburn. This unique combination gives them an innate understanding of how to come up with inventive, one-of-a-kind designs that work as practical solutions incorporating the latest advances in materials to fulfill your specific needs. As good as they are, they check their egos at the door; they know they are in service of your vision and your budget.

Before your components are built on the production floor, they are built virtually with our Solid Works CAD software. Our design team will present you with photo realistic color 3-D renderings detailing every specification from dimensions to materials to assembly instructions to performance with your products in place. These virtual tours of the finished structure expedite the review and modification process.

If more real world context is needed, Displaycraft specialists can then quickly produce a full-scale prototype. Prototyping can test the design for fit and function with your products, as well as, other practical decisions such as material selection. By working out production efficiencies before manufacturing begins, production time and costs are  reduced.

Now that we have a blueprint for a structure that uniquely compliments your brand, the next step is to produce it in quantity.






Wood | Metal | Wire | Tubing | Solid Surfaces | Plastics | and more...


CNC Routers | Powder Coating | Laser Cutter | Punching Machine
CNC Press Brakes | CNC Tube Bender | Edgebander |and more...

Inside our 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA, just south of Chattanooga, over 100 of the industry's finest craftspeople, working on state-of-the-art high tech machinery, transform innovative designs into solid, functional displays and fixtures. Working with most any substrate you wish, they fabricate infrastructure that meets the highest quality standards with an efficiency that adheres to your tight deadline and drives down your production costs.





Complete Logistics Services

Protective Packing | Assembly | Kitting & Drop Ship Services Warehousing Short-Term | Warehousing Long-Term |and more...

Leave all of your logistics to us. Displaycraft fulfillment is precise, accurate and fast. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 components, you can count on Displaycraft to get them where they need to be on time or ahead of schedule. Our  fulfillment department will coordinate your drop shipments to thousands of nationwide, even global, destinations with our real-time freight tracking management system. Our negotiated freight carrier contracts keep your logistics costs down.


Your Success

Your success is our success and we won't stop until it has been achieved.

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